Dale's room numberWe are home..

In March, I packed for a week and accompanied my husband to the hospital for his knee replacement. Things did not go well. His knee became infected. Five surgeries in a month and two and a half months in a skilled nursing center later, we are finally home. He still can’t walk, but he is getting better.

So what did I learn from this ordeal?

Bad things can happen to anyone.

We all need help from time to time.

Cherish the good people who pay their gratitude and optimism forward, not with words but with actions. We had neighbors who moved furniture, removed doors, installed grab bars so Dale could move about in our home in his wheelchair. We had neighbors who brought food so I didn’t have to cook in the midst of a raggedy return to our home. We have a new Home Health service in our town now, and they have helped immeasurably.

We are home.

More later.




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