As I write this, snow caps the mountains. I’m reminded over and over again of the saying that a friend has in her e-mail signature: “If yer’ lucky enough to live in the mountains, yer’ lucky enough.” I agree. I would add a postscript to that saying. “If yer lucky enough to live in the Wet Mountain Valley, you have VERY good neighbors.”

After a long day out of the valley with stops in Pueblo, Canon City and Florence, my husband and I drove down to the post office to pick up our mail. I must have left my keys in the mailbox lock. The image above shows my mega bundle of keys. You’d think I’d know if I were moving minus keys. Not so.

Dale and I then  drove out across the floor of the valley to look at the beginnings of fall color. An hour later when I got out of the truck at home and reached for my keys to unlock the door, they weren’t there. Dale went back to the post office to search for them and I went through my purse and through the black bag that I always take with me on trips down the mountain. No keys.

Visions of changing locks and getting new keys began rippling through my mind. I had just sat down to ponder what replacing my keys would entail when my cell phone rang. It was Linda, a lovely young woman, a newcomer to the valley, who had found my keys.

That woman went over and above to find me and return the keys to me.

First of all, she looked through the small cash-back cards that I have on my key ring. One of the cards had my complete name, but no contact information.

She then asked people in and around the post office if anyone knew me. No one did.

She went home, got on her computer and posted the news about my lost keys on the Custer County Facebook page. Ruth, another charming Valley woman who knows me from book club saw the post, had my cell phone number in her records and responded to Linda. Linda called her and got my number and then called me.

Talk about tenacity in finding a convoluted solution! Talk about taking neighborliness to another level!

Thank you again, Linda, and thank goodness you moved here! Thank you, Ruth, for keeping such good records and responding to her post!

As I quoted earlier, “If yer lucky enough to live in the mountains, yer lucky enough!”

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