Time changed last night and my computer and my phone have recognized that. Now I just have to get the other clocks changed.

We have a wealth of clocks in our home—in our bedrooms, in the office, in the living room, in the TV room, in the two bathrooms, on the stove and the microwave, on our fit bands and in our two vehicles. Makes me tired just thinking about it.

I’m not sure how many clocks that tallies up to. I wonder if anyone has estimated the per capita number of clocks affected twice a year by this nonsense. Whatever the number,  a fairly daunting task awaits me and the entire population of our country except for the handful of areas that have refused to play.

Where did this infringement on our sensibilities come from? It is said that Benjamin Franklin thought about the possibility of shifting time around back in 1784. Germany became the first country to actually do anything about it on a national scale back in 1916. There are many benefits touted as reasons for engaging in this disturbing practice, some of which have been proven, others which are still debated. Energy savings is one reason given although for this to actually help much the affected area must be a certain distance from the equator. Other studies state that there are fewer traffic accidents when the times most drivers are on the roads are in daylight. Whatever these studies say, twice a year I know I will have a week either being early to some event or being an hour late. Never mind the changing of the clocks throughout my house only to have to change them back again in a few months.

If ever there were an issue on which to base a revolution, I think perhaps this idea of daylight savings time might be it. Twice a year we have a total upheaval in our lives as we change clocks and then adjust our own internal rhythms to match. If I didn’t like the nice long summer evenings so much, I might consider starting a movement.

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