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  I am currently questioning where I want to be and what I want to be doing during this next period of my life. This has led me to ponder the concept of “home.” In the past, home was the

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April Fool’s Day is celebrated for extravagant jokes and tall tales. We sit back and laugh at the pranks, knowing we didn’t believe THAT for a minute. But what about the other three hundred sixty-four days? What about the bombardment

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I’ve just returned from a month in Taos, NM, somewhat underwhelmed. I didn’t bond with Taos as I’d hoped to. Now I realize bonding wasn’t my purpose in going there. The Taos from my month is the beautiful casita where I stayed, the chubby

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Celebrate!!! The winter solstice has passed. A new year full of new beginnings awaits. We are an optimistic race. We believe in tomorrow, in problems being solved, in good fortune arriving, and we keep our fingers crossed for as many

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There are no words to describe the year 2021 adequately. Maybe this image helps.

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