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  Not much traveling going on lately, but a little over a year ago, we went to the Albuquerque balloon festival and used that trip for a few days of wandering in northwestern New Mexico and eastern Arizona. We tracked

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Wishing everyone quick access to the vaccine, new energy, renewed positive thinking and a year filled with warmth, and whatever pleases and thrills you. Above all things, be grateful for each day and for goodness sake, enjoy!

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Merry Christmas

This year Christmas will be different. Most of our comfortable traditions will have to wait until next year.. A long distance celebration using FaceTime or Zoom will be the norm for many. I have to say that it is more pleasant

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No, I can’t claim the picture above, at least not the design or the choice of colors. You’ll notice a small “Happy Color” logo in the corner of the picture.  I can claim the finished image because I clicked on

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#@% Masks!!!

I agree! Wearing masks is a royal pain. By now I feel just like the creature above. I imagine you do too. We hear one thing and then another about masks. Yes, they help. No, they don’t. But if they

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