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My mom read stories to me before I could read them for myself. Recently, I started wondering about the writers of those books from my childhood that I had so loved. BAMBI, A LIFE IN THE WOODS by Felix Salten was

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A new year, 2019. Birthdays. I’m reminded of an old folk song sung by the Pozo Seco Singers, “Time, oh Time, where did you go?” The beginning of a new year reminds me time is passing for me and for every

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  I admit to binging on Christmas music, and yes on Hallmark movies. There is something comforting about happily ever after endings and Christmas trees and snowball fights. So far, up here in Colorado we’ve had snow and may get more

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Happy Thanksgiving!

My cousin Barbara sent a link to a video that reminds me just how incredibly, overwhelmingly lucky we are in our ancestors who immigrated here, to the forefathers who crafted a unique Constitution, and to the politicians who have somehow

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Winter is coming. But before it takes over, Mom Nature has a fabulous color show for us. These two shots were taken on the way up Independence Pass. Independence Pass is famous enough to have an entry in Wikipedia. That

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