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No, I can’t claim the picture above, at least not the design or the choice of colors. You’ll notice a small “Happy Color” logo in the corner of the picture.  I can claim the finished image because I clicked on

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#@% Masks!!!

I agree! Wearing masks is a royal pain. By now I feel just like the creature above. I imagine you do too. We hear one thing and then another about masks. Yes, they help. No, they don’t. But if they

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New York Tough

Governor Cuomo of New York sent out a request for Public Service Announcements to encourage everyone to wear masks against the corona virus.  Crystal Hall and Specter Hall, Inc. created this PSA. IMG_3611

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                                   There is much to be learned in the fallow period between two enthusiasm.                      

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Friday The Thirteenth 

Luckily, not many Friday the Thirteenths occur during a year.  This is our first one this year. We won’t have to survive another until November. Last year, we had one in September and another in December and seem to have

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