Merry Christmas


This year Christmas will be different. Most of our comfortable traditions will have to wait until next year.. A long distance celebration using FaceTime or Zoom will be the norm for many. I have to say that it is more pleasant to read about historic events than it is to live through them.

This Christmas my daughter and I are planning a new tradition. She suggested we make Christmas morning scones together even though she’ll be in her kitchen in New York and I’ll be in mine in Colorado. We’ll have our computers set up on our two cabinets and see how things go.

I’ll miss the happy noise of our family gathering together, the preparation, the anxiety over gift choices, the frantic scramble for gift bags or wrapping paper. I’ll miss the coming and going of my adult grandchildren, the squabbles, the hugs. I’ll miss my husband making breakfast pancakes, the scent of the bacon, the search for glasses for the juice. I’ll especially miss the early mornings before the day is launched, while the children sleep in and the adults enjoy lazy morning coffee and leisurely conversation.

Not going to happen this year. Christmas scones though will help and have the potential to become tradition.

Have a hopeful holiday. Create and enjoy warmth in the chill of winter. Make Christmas morning scones with someone you love even if you can’t share the same kitchen. Next year . . . Next year . . .

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