Years ago I came across this quote that has ridden in my brain through all of the years since:  “There is much to be gained during the fallow period between two enthusiasms.” I can’t remember the source but I agree with the concept.

The word “fallow” calls up the image of cultivated fields left quiet for a year or two to “rest”.  “Enthusiasms” calls up any number of images, all of them demanding energy and yes, enthusiasm, such as sanding down the rust in order to restore that antique car; finding yarn in just the right colors, and starting an afghan; starting a novel and riding the plot twists and turns to the last page.

Each of those exhausting enthusiasms could benefit from a nap.

Here in the Wet Mountain Valley, we’ve had a long period of snow and cold. Everything including the traffic seems to have settled into the fallow period between two enthusiasms.

I’m trusting that there truly is “much to be gained,” from this deep winter hibernation as I wait with the others in our valley for spring. As the weather warms and the sun shifts trajectory in the heavens, watch for GABRIELLA’S DAUGHTER, my current work in progress about a young woman with unexpected talents, misplaced as a child and raised in a strange land.

Science has documented that naps are beneficial when taken in appropriate doses.





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