Lake Deweese in the Wet Mountain Valley of Colorado

No doubt artistic expression is influenced by a number of factors. After living in flat, subtle Oklahoma and moving to mountainous not-so subtle  Colorado, I’ve decided that perhaps geography plays a role in a person’s choice of self expression.

I am basing this observation on a strictly limited scientific sample, one observer, me, and I may be totally off base. But here is my reasoning. In Oklahoma, there were many writing groups. The OWFI is a vibrant organization and many authors live and write in Oklahoma.

Colorado on the other hand has many photography clubs, many excellent photographers  and many artists. Perhaps I haven’t lived here long enough, but so far, I’ve found only a few writing groups. Could it be that the dramatic Colorado landscape calls to the artists and photographers and the more subtle landscapes of Oklahoma call to the dreamers of stories.

Just a thought.

DSC_0209 Cottonwood Pass west of Buena Vista, Colorado

 DSC_0079A field near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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