This post was mounted on my blog almost two years ago. This seems like a good time to bring it back for another appearance. Happy Holidays during this wonderful time of celebration!!!


For me, Christmas rarely arrives on December 25. It comes instead at unexpected times, a wise man with gifts hidden in shepherd’s garb.

One year, after five wonderful weeks in Colima, Mexico, I found a pottery replica of the Dancing Dogs of Colima, almost like a benediction. Another year, Christmas came one quiet evening as I sat in my temporarily silent house and looked at the lights on our tree.

The first notes of “The Little Drummer Boy” or “Mary’s Boy Child” can, like a camera lens, bring the elusive magic of the season into focus.

Last year I opened the back door of our condo in Colorado and felt a Silent Night in the best Christmas sense, with the stars brilliant points of light in the dark, cold sky and the moon a white disk over silhouetted mountains.

Christmas is a shy and quiet visitor, easy to miss amidst the loud carols, the pounding television ads, the tension of finding the perfect gift. As we wait for sleigh bells and jolly fat men, I would wish for everyone silence, moments here and there to stop and hear the music that frames the holiday, to see the jeweled lights that startle and surprise, to feel deep winter melting under the warmth of the season.

I would wish for you Christmas, not necessarily on December 25, but when your heart is ready.


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