I keep a journal.

I know. Nothing out of the ordinary about that. A lot of people celebrate and cherish their lives by documenting their days. In my journal I record anything that is unusual or noteworthy at least to me. Our move to Colorado that ripped long term roots out of Oklahoma soil and replanted them in a high mountain Colorado valley is in my journal. My son’s new job, my daughter’s recent trip to Ireland, my difficulty in bringing my current work in progress, THE INDIGO CONSPIRACY, to completion, all of these personal traumas and dramas are recorded there.

The reason I mention my journal is my amazement at how many words and pages I produced in 2013. I noticed the other day that my entries for 2013 have covered almost enough pages for a novel. This was accomplished by working only a few minutes each day on my journal.

A new year begins today.

So full of possibilities. So full of potential problems and threats. We live in dangerous times. We live in exciting times, times with unbelievable opportunities. Three hundred and sixty five days of twenty four hours each stretch before us, ready for us to choose what we will put in each of those hours.

We are probably the only species on earth that is aware of Time. We may not think much about it, but we know that it is going to pass. January will become February in the blink of an eye. March will follow, blowing in when we’re not looking. In no time at all, we’ll look up to find that August has somehow managed to sneak onto the calendar.

If you are fortunate, in another three hundred sixty five days you will be celebrating the arrival of 2015. How will your life be different from what it is today? That is up to you.

Stop smoking?

Lose weight?

Write a novel?

Start or finish a college degree?

Learn a new skill?

Learn a new language?

Any or all of those possibilities can become realities if you choose.

I have a small bookmark that I found on a bookshelf in the library where I used to work. It says, “One part at a time, one day at a time, we can accomplish any goal we set for ourselves.” You’ll notice it promises success if you work at your goal “one part at a time, one day at a time.”

Good luck in achieving any goal that matters to you and enjoy this wonderful year that stretches before us.


A postscript: Both of my amaryllis plants are finally in full bloom today, New Year’s Day!!!

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