This is my amaryllis on the morning after Christmas. (I missed my guess by one day, but to an optimist like me, what’s one day?.)



On the evening of the day after Christmas, one of the four blossoms had opened completely, and a second bloom, barely visible behind the flower, is just waiting to open. My guess is tomorrow.

The other amaryllis will certainly bloom by New Years. (There’s that optimism again.)


I hope everyone’s Christmas was great and that each one of you is looking forward to an amazing 2014. And when it comes time to spend that Christmas money from Santa, remember to check out my books, AN ACCEPTABLE VENGEANCE, a suspense novel set just before the 9/11 tragedy, and GOING TO SEE THE ELEPHANT, A CIVIL WAR MEMOIR. Both are available from Amazon and from Barnes & Noble and several other ebook vendors.










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